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When the consumer watches the various range of advertisements he is prone to get confused any given day as every cream promises best results. It is quiet difficult to choose from a vast range of products crowding the market. Creams promise long term effect are rather beneficial rather than other painful treatments like botox etc. Mostly people are of the view that anti- wrinkle creams harm their skin, but they are rather a revolution to the humans, as they make people look younger and help them regain their confidence.

Pros of la praire cream

La prairie has a cellular based multi- vitamin complex specially to evade the wrinkles from the skin. It hydrates the skin from the epidermis making its look more supple and glowing. It has a remarkable effect at night as it makes the skin relaxed and boosts the collagen fiber growth. It has a mild fragrance which relaxes the senses and makes the skin to become more elastic and look fairer too. It has benefits like- removes carbonylation or protein damage and restores the cell’s elasticity from inside.

Cons of the cream

People say that it is not that effective of the fine lines near the eyes. It has less quantity and is heavy to the pocket.

Overview of the cream

Thus, la prairie not only restores dry skin but also hydrates it, by supplying it with enriching vitamins, minerals, peptides and oxygen which makes the skin feel lighter and more firm. Its unique hydrating cellular complex, renews the skin’s fibers and makes it look younger and more glowing. The cream works at night just like a magic wand and renews the fresh look in the morning. Consumers using this cream claim a drastic improveme3nt after its usage and highly recommend it. It transforms not only from the outside but from the inside.



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